A​.​R​.​S. (Prod. by JAYBeatz)

by B-ri

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a real soldier never loses their composure
they'll be fighting all these battles
even when that war is over
seems like as I'm gettin older, the world keep gettin colder
and they wonder why I'm walking with a chip all on my shoulder

(Verse 1)
Ayy I was taught to never break a promise manne
I was taught the good things in life ain't promising
was immature then I changed to a honest man
but still a sinner hope I make it to the promise land
everyday I wake up, hear voices in my head
telling me "you better make it out the hood or you'll be dead"
just know ya role
play ya part
these girls take away your heart
sometimes I wish life was a game so I could press restart

seasons change, people change, I remain the same
money fame diamond rings they don't mean a thing
we can win this game, can't lose our composure
fighting for our dreams, yea we something like the soldiers

If you a real soldier, gon put it up (x2)
we can win this game, can't lose our composure
fighting for our dreams, yea we looking some soldiers

Believe me, manne they never said it
would be easy,
can you promise that you'll never leave me,
Imma always have ya back believe me
the sounds of an Angel

(Verse 2)
I was taught to always go the hardest
don't focus on the negatives
just follow where your heart is
cuz regardless you'll farther if you know what you want
I can't even front I'm so fed up
so I gotta be blunt
it's such messed up world we living in
like can I fuck up and get a pass like Zimmerman?
but naw, they don't wanna throw you the ball
rather see you fumble and fall
they blocking, hoping that you run to a wall
but hey


This the life we chose, they got us fighting our foes
and if you faking, then you getting exposed
you aint gotta be a gangster to survive to in these streets
cuz all those wanna be gangsters, yea they die every week
may that soldier rest in peace
only way we win this war is when that violence has deceased
Take a look in the mirror stereotypical nigga
could be chasing dreams but instead you chasing liquor...Damn



never said it would be easy
promise that you'll never leave me
don't you ever leave me
I need you angels right now


released December 20, 2013
prod. JAYBeatz
mixed by JOHN Mike/B-ri



all rights reserved


B-ri Baltimore, Maryland

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